digital Audio switch

AF Digital optical Audio Splitter


2 on 1


• Two inputs to one output, mechanical switching.
• Supports S / PDIF standard of digital audio transmission
• Supports uncompressed 2-channel LPCM (Linear Pulse Code

   Modulation) audio signal
• Supports compressed 2-channel and multi-channel Dolby and

   DTS audio signal
• Provides electromagnetic noise-free transmission
• Easy installation and handling


Iten Name  AF-DOA21
Item Number 790020
Entrance 2 x TOSLink (Fiber Glass)
Exit 1 x TOSLink (Fiber Glass)
Power Supply 5V/0.36~0.5A DC (EU Standard, CE/FCC/UL zertifiziert)
Dimensions 46(B) x 45.5(T) x 23.5(H) mm
Weight 22g
Housing Plastic
Colour white
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 48°C
Delivery 1x AF-DOA21, Netzteil, Operating Manual

AF Digital optical Audio Splitter


4 on


• Supports optical repeat up to 192kHz.
• Supports up to 24-bit resolution.
• Economical energy consumption.
• Simple and user-friendly operation.
• Changeover via remote control or button on the device


Item Number: 790025